Activ’M Gel 3in1


Activ’M Gel 3in1© has been recently added to M-Technologies’ range of medical devices. Activ’M Gel 3in1© has been developed to treat scars exposed to the sun. Activ’M Gel 3in1 is a foundation cream that conceals face imperfections and protects your scar from UVA and UVB rays.
The silicon film reacts actively by maintaining the hydration of the skin and decreasing the capillary activity. So, only a reduced amount of collagen is produced, in result, less risk of hypertrophy. The scar is softened and flattened with the treatment.


  1. Treats the scars

Activ’M Gel 3in1 treats efficiently inflammatory, keloid and hypertrophic scars, improves their aesthetic aspect and prevents the degeneration of closed wounds.

  1. Conceals imperfections

Besides its medical capacity to treat scars, Activ’ M Gel 3in1 acts as a foundation cream which conceals apparently your scar. Activ’M Gel 3in1 can treat your scar and at the same time corrects its disgraceful appearance.

  1. Protects from sun rays

Activ’M Gel 3in1 protects against UVA and UVB rays (spf25).
These three properties of Activ’ M Gel 3in1, allows you to treat, hydrate and cover the disgraceful aspect of the scars, while maintaining you’re the UV protection care all day long.


Besides being a foundation cream with a matte effect Activ’M Gel 3in1© can be used to:

– Improve the aesthetic aspects of scars,

Treat and flatten the hypertrophic and keloid scars,

– Prevent the development of hypertrophic and keloid scars on recently closed wounds.

Conceal imperfections (acting as a foundation cream)

Protect scars against harmful sunrays (UVA and UVB)

Activ’M Gel 3in1©reduces the itches, pruritus and the associated pains to the scars.


– Protect from UVA (SPF 25) and UVB rays,

– Foundation cream that conceals the scar

– Innovative silicone gel with matte effect,

Silky touch, second skin effect,

– Very quick dry, simple and easy to apply,

– Applicable on sun-exposed body areas,

– No risk of maceration,

– Can be used along with all cosmetics products

Duration of treatment

It is recommended to continue the treatment for minimum 2 to 4 months. If necessary, the treatment can last a year.

Instructions for use

– Before use, clean and thoroughly dry the scar.

– Apply a small amount of Activ’M Gel 3in1© directly to the scarred area. Allow to dry for a few seconds.

– Make sure that the silicone film covers completely the scar as well as the area around (at least ½ cm on all sides of the scar).

– Put the top back on tube carefully.

By friction a part of the silicone protective film can be removed. As long as a fine amount of the silicone film remains on the skin, it leaves on your skin a silky feel

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