Activ’M 1,5*12 inch


Activ’M© is a self-adhesive silicon dressing made of medical grade silicone and a soft polyurethane support, the whole being covered with a strippable film. Activ’M© has been developed for treating inflammatory, keloid and hypertrophic scars and improving their aesthetic aspects.

To flatten and irradiate the scars, the pressure dressings, realized from elastic materials as the medical silicone, marry the scar and exert pressure on it. Thanks to the occlusivity, the silicon dressing reacts actively by maintaining the hydration of the skin and decreasing the capillary activity. So, only a reduced amount of collagen is produced, in result, less risk of hypertrophy. The scar is softened and flattened with the treatment.

Treating the scars with ACtiv’M dressing reduces also the redness, pruritus and the pain associated to the scars.

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Activ’M© can be used on old and recent scars to:

– improve the aesthetic aspects of scars,

treat and flatten hypertrophic and keloid scars,

prevent the development of hypertrophic and keloid scars on recently closed wounds

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Transparent, thin and invisible dressing on the skin,

Shapes perfectly the forms of the skin without any pulling effect,

– The dressing can be removed and easily reapplied,

Very soft adhesion to the skin,

– Painless and odorless dressing.

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It is recommended to continue the treatment for minimum 2 to 4 months. If necessary, the treatment can last a year.
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– Before use, clean and dry thoroughly the scar.

– Take off the dressing from its individual pack.

– It is possible to cut the dressing according to the scar’s size

– Make sure that the dressing covers completely the scar as well as the area around (at least ½ cm on all sides of the scar).

– Start by taking off very carefully the protective film from the dressing and place the adhesive side at the beginning of the scar.

– Remove very carefully the rest of the protective film while still applying the dressing on the scar.

– It is recommended to clean and dry the scar once a day with a neutral soap.

– The dressing is ideally worn 24 hours a day.

– Change the dressing every 3-5 days when it does not hold anymore. Do not wear the same dressing more than 7 days.


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