The medical compression garment « Panty Osmose » has been developed by M-Technologies to complete the results of the liposuction surgery.

The innovative panty Osmose guarantees a perfect compression of the silhouette while keeping free movements on the flexion areas. The panty Osmose:
• Insures skin and fat pressure
• Reduces post-surgical bleedings, most likely to appear on first and second day following surgery
• Limits bruises and oedemas extent
• Prevents the appearance of irregularities on the skin (waves)
• Minimizes post-surgical pains and discomfort

The panty Osmose is the guarantee of a successful liposuction surgery.

3D innovative knitting « Seamless »
– Less seams than a regular compression panty
– adapted to the forms of the body
uniform compression
– Tailor made panty

Soft fabric
– No elastic band used
– micro-fibre polyamide
– optimal comfort and total free movement 
– Respect the flexion areas

Exclusive system of micro-encapsulation
– imprisonment of sweet almond oil and particles of arnica inside capsules
– liberation of active macerate by friction between fabric and skin

Arnica and sweet almond oil capsules
– Action on bruises, hematomas and pain
– Skin softening and hydration
– Prevention of desquamation caused by friction between skin and fabric

• Atraumatic panty
• the garment fits the body not the opposite
• Uniform compression of the body
• Respect flexion areas
• Active-system of micro-encapsulation
Enriched with Arnica and Sweet almond oil
• Skin moisturizer, anti-bruises and anti-pruritus,
• Tailor made garment

The panty Osmose exists in different models depending on the area concerned by the liposuction.
Several models of the Panty Osmose are available, our panty Osmose is tailor made.

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